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3 Things To Check If You Injure Your Teeth

Traumatic dental injuries are quite common nowadays, especially among children. These injuries can occur due to several reasons, for example, bad falls, car accidents and most of the times due to sports mishaps. If you or someone you love ever experience a dental injury, even if it looks mild, you should still visit your endodontist […]

How Physical Therapy Helps After Severe Brain Injuries

For someone who has suffered severe brain injuries or traumatic brain injury (TBI), physical therapy can really come in handy, and it can be a life-changing treatment. A person is diagnosed with TBI when an injury damages the brain in a way that it changes the way it functions. Some of the most common things […]

Head Injury: Types, Causes, and Symptoms

A head injury is any kind of injury which can occur to your brain, skull, scalp. These injuries can be anything a mild bump or a brain trauma. The most common type of head injuries includes skull fractures, scalp wounds and concussions. Head injuries are classified into two types. A closed head injury is the […]

Head Injury Prevention Tips

It is important that you learn about all the ways you can keep you head protected to help ensure that when you are met with an expected event you are protected. This helps you to reduce the risk of any traumatic brain injury which can be devastating. Having a devastating head injury might be the […]