How Physical Therapy Helps After Severe Brain Injuries

For someone who has suffered severe brain injuries or traumatic brain injury (TBI), physical therapy can really come in handy, and it can be a life-changing treatment. A person is diagnosed with TBI when an injury damages the brain in a way that it changes the way it functions. Some of the most common things that lead to TBI are car crashes, falls and sometimes even a major blow to the head can result in severe brain damage.

It’s difficult to tell if someone is suffering from TBI after an accident because these signs aren’t that obvious. What usually happens with patients is that they start experiencing signs like memory loss, sometimes it’s their vision that’s affected, and in some cases, they witness and balancing and hearing problems.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help With TBI?

A lot of you might be wondering how exactly can some physical activity or therapy fix the damage that’s done to the brain? Well, if you do have this question then stick with us till the end because we are going to explain it all to you in detail.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause a variety of symptoms. For example, the person can become sensitive to touch, light and in some cases, sound too. Not only this, in fact, he/she might have difficulty turning over in bed or sitting straight, walking and talking too. Now this is where physical therapy (PT) comes in handy. With PT, the patient’s balance, coordination and stability can be improved.

TBI is considered a serious health problem, and it’s not only the balance or the coordination of the body that gets disturbed; some people even experience complete loss of control over their feelings and emotions. It’s not that with physical therapy, this problem can be eliminated from its roots, the brain will always take it’s time to recover and to come back to normal. But, physical therapy, like fysioterapeut kristiansand, it’s imperative in this case as it can help the patient with a lot more other things. Starting with;

➔ Improved patterns of movement
➔ Improved concentration and alertness levels
➔ Less fatigue and improved injury levels
➔ Quicker recovery
➔ Muscle strength, energy boost, mobility

These are just a few benefits of PT for those who’ve had severe brain injuries. You have to ensure that you are opting for the right and the most professional physical therapist as it’s a sensitive case. The therapist will decide upon the exercising and the physical therapy himself once he observes the TBI patient and the severity of symptoms. Remember, your brain will always take its course of time to recover, but with physical therapy, you can fasten up the recovery and healing process. It’s the duty of the therapist to come up with restorative and preventive measures that can help the TBI patient. Also, these professionals will work with the family and the loved ones of the patient to understand what they are going through and provide them with as much support as he can.